Importing, manufacturing, and purchasing in China, India, and other countries.

Solutions for SMEs and large companies to manufacture or purchase wholesale in China, India, and other countries that guarantee and simplify the entire process. Get comprehensive management (logistics, customs, insurance, liability, factory verification, inspection, testing, product certifications, and approvals) ensuring its importation to your doorstep.

Enjoy a unique methodology in Europe that leading companies in a multitude of sectors are utilizing.


Your process with Bull Importer would be like this:

Specify if you want to buy, manufacture, or import
They obtain prices at their facilities after a comprehensive study
We formalize the process
You receive a quality and inspection report
We manage the entire import process
You receive the merchandise at your facilities
Supplier/manufacturer location
Business solvency verification
Inspection of facilities and processes
Supplier quality audit
Price negotiation
Request for samples and prototype
Negotiation of financing for the operation
Signing of the contract
Follow-up on deadlines
Quality control
Manufacturing payment
Labeling, shipping marks, and approvals
Payment for certificates and approvals
On-site reception of finishes
Hiring appropriate transportation
Customs clearance
Payment for transportation and tariffs

Process on your own would be as follows:

We reduce the cost of your products by 38% to 72%.

*% of average improvement based on studies conducted with our clients and according to the sector.

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Importar desde China

OEM industrial manufacturing services and ODM services for wholesale purchasing in China, India, and other countries.

We have over 25 years of proven experience in wholesale purchasing through ODM services (existing products that can be customized with your own brand) in China, India, Turkey, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and other countries, as well as OEM services for manufacturing wholesale products designed by our clients. We negotiate with factories and suppliers to better meet purchasing needs, acting as an outsourced purchasing and import department across various sectors. This includes highly regulated and controlled imports such as furniture, spices, food and food-related products, cosmetics and personal care, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronic components and batteries, and toys, among others. We ensure the necessary tests and certifications are obtained, leveraging our import licenses and expertise to guarantee the entire import process to your company.

Most sought-after manufacturers in China, India, Turkey, Bangladesh, and other countries for wholesale purchasing and importing.